Hospital & Nursing Home Sitter in Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, and other cities within Phoenix area

Arizona Quality Care Providers can provide one-on-one care for individuals during hospital or nursing home stays. Hospital or Nursing Home Sitter

Whether one-on-one care is required due to an emergency, an illness, a medical procedure, an adjustment in medication, disorientation or another situation, our CAN/caregiver can help reduce the anxiety, loneliness, boredom, and apprehension of the hospital or nursing home stay. And, our CAN/caregiver can provide much needed respite for family members during the day, overnight or on a 24-hour schedule until the client is discharged back to their own home or rehabilitation facility, or the medical emergency has passed.

Or, if family is unavailable, our CAN/caregiver can be an advocate for the client. They can report changes in the client’s condition and serve as a liaison between the individual and the hospital staff, explaining procedures, reassuring the individual and communicating complaints or concerns to the hospital staff and/or family members.

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